Calke Abbey Estate

Project Description

Bridge Number 1 lies within the National Trust’s Calke Abbey Estate - a typical working country estate. The bridge deteriorated over time due to the increased loading of farm traffic since its initial construction. During this project, environmental management was of great concern to both the National Trust and Restoration Projects as it was important to maintain the aesthetic features of the bridge while protecting the local environment during construction.Working to very strict controls, the project involved preparing the existing ground and bridge barrel arch to accept a new, reinforced concrete slab that spans the width of the bridge, helping to spread the load when vehicles cross. Once the concrete slab had cured, we laid new tarmac and seamlessly worked it into the existing road for a fine finish.Sections of the wall were re-built and the whole bridge was re-pointed with lime mortar to ensure no further deterioration.

  • Location Calke Abbey Estate, Derbyshire
  • Project Length 6 Weeks